Colin and I have reached an interesting point in our relationship. After much stress and strife he finally let me into his thoughts and into part of the darker side of himself. In turn, it’s brought my own darkness to the surface.

He thought I would not forgive him for his past. A past that included a vendetta against a friend that caused him to want to become immortal. And in his quest for revenge, harmed one I hold very dear. It was very difficult to hear but I knew he needed to tell me. I don’t know why I was so easily able to forgive this act. It is not everyday you hear that your lover poisoned one of your dearest friends. Maybe I was able to forgive it so easily because it happened before we met and I know what it means to want to be forgiven for past sins.


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Tipping my hand – A Journal Entry

There we were at a crossroads. We both had gotten close to revealing our hand, still neither of us dropped tells. This was the most difficult game I had played in quite some time and I was determined to win. Either he would tell me how he feels or the alternative would be for us to part for a while until we could figure it out. Each hand got more tense and awkward than the next. I had already admitted to him that I thought I was falling in love with him and now it was Colin’s turn.

It was in his dungeon, the night after I killed the neighbor and admitted my possible feelings that he upped the ante by saying, “I shall return love,” Then just left without any explanation or further words. “Love“? I thought to myself as I rested in my chains that day, smiling. The next evening, I was freed from the dungeon but not the game. I asked him about calling me, “love”. “What did you mean by that?” I asked, only to be met with his flat denial and a frustrated sigh. We were at a stalemate and both had to fold. The rest of the evening was tense. I left the bedroom and went to the study, talking to Colin’s human assistant, Egan, who really didn’t help much with trying to understand the mind of his employer before I rested.

Another night, another hand. All I could think about was him showing just that little bit of emotion. I could tell he was guarding his hand, just as I was. Why would he have gotten so upset and frustrated if he didn’t love me, I thought as I awakened to the sound of Colin coming in to the study. I smiled when he walked into the room and tried to make some small talk. He could tell I was trying to avoid the subject, so he asked if there was anything else I wanted to talk about. Of course, being foolish, I said no. Again, that frustrated sigh. A sound I was beginning to know all too well. Because he had business to attend to that night, I was asked to leave the room. He raised and I called. Outside the door I could hear him growling and speaking to himself. I hated this separation and lack of discussion. I figured his feelings were the same as mine, but like me he was too stubborn and didn’t want to be the one to say the three words first. I couldn’t take it anymore. Someone had to show their hand.

I tried so hard to read his thoughts and got nothing. My mind was too crowded with my own struggling emotions, that I couldn’t even begin to concentrate on his. Then in a moment of complete clarity a thought crossed my mind, it blared as if I had said it aloud, “doesn’t he know that I love him!” My thought must have been heard because Colin burst through the doors of the bedroom and kissed me as if we had been parted forever. Then he said the words I longed to hear, “I love you Madlyn.


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A Pretty Mess – A Journal Entry

I had been feeling a bit deprived and in need of a something fresh from the tap. This want of fresh blood prompted me to I ask Colin if he wouldn’t mind us crashing the little party down the way from us to hunt in. He didn’t seem too keen on going, but he agreed to accompany me. Soon we were dressed, me a bit less conservative than usual, and wandered out into the night.

Once we arrived at the house, I walked through the crowd at the party and saw a couple. The man’s scent was a mix of revelry and arousal, it called to me. Instead of being more careful, I foolishly stepped between him and his companion, who looked none too pleased about my presence. Wanting to tease Colin a bit, I whispered in the man’s ear and walked off with him. To the annoyance of both Colin and the man’s lady friend.

It didn’t take much to enchant the man. Just looking him in the eyes and speaking softly did the trick. He pushed me against the wall and touched me. I smiled and let him know that it wasn’t very nice to touch when we knew so little about each other. One thing I did find out was that he was the host of the party. Soon, I felt Colin beside me and his jealousy was showing.

Seeing my prey’s girlfriend come into the hall and Colin’s mood just made me more brazen. I kissed the host before my fangs locked down and I bit into him deeply. Not having tasted the life sustaining sweetness in some time, I could not stop myself from drinking. Leading to the death of the man. Colin grabbed me and I dropped him. It was this shake back to reality that made me realize that I not only killed my prey, I left a witness.

Colin was furious! He snapped at me about having to clean up my mess and my little game had caused this to happen. I hadn’t killed in some time, I was frightened and embarrassed, so against his wishes I ran. When Colin tracked me down, his anger and lust got the best of him and me. I can’t fully explain what happened to us last night, but I want to know more about how all of it is possible.

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Long Story Short

  • *smiles* @LolaPen *txt* Things with @ColinTiernay are going well. We’re still feeling each other out. It’s definitely been an education 😉

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Long Story Short

  • *pouts* So close, yet still so far

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It seems like Love is in the air around here. Hallow moved in with Eric, and you and Colin. I am just curious to know if there is a bug going around that is biting people and making them fall in love…. (LOL)

*smiles* I don’t think I could categorize what Colin and I have as love but we are fond of each other. Not sure it’s some sort of bug or not. These things just happen. *chuckles*

You'll never know until you ask…

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If you think of all the things and events you have seen in your undead life, when would you consider your favorite decade to be? And why?

Thank you for the great question, Rosalyn! I would say the 1950s would be my favorite decade. Mostly because of the pencil skirt, I have quite the collection of them. While I did have some hardships (the obvious flaws in human history), I still managed to rub elbows with the rich and famous perform in shows and work my secondary trade. *smiles* Such a simple time. I do miss it.

You'll never know until you ask…

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